Ways to work with Us

Business Support & Leadership Coaching:

As a business leader you are faced with many decisions daily.  As you grow or work to sustain your business, what are the challenges or barriers that are holding you back?  Do you feel you have outgrown your own set of business skills?  Smart entrepreneurs and business owners seek out external expertise in ensuring ongoing clarity in their purpose and vision aligns with their goals.

Are you ready to take a leap from where you are, to where you want to be?

We help our clients obtain success by offering solutions to eliminate self sabotaging habits, resistance to change, and give space to explore who they are, how they want to show up in their business, and how that impacts the internal culture of their organization.  We work with entrepreneurs and business leaders to instil confidence,  leverage success, and help them stay competitive.  We keep them accountable, and empower them to handle difficult decision making.

What can Leadership coaching offer you?

Do you feel stalled in your career?  Do you feel that you have reached that pinnacle where you wanted to be, but feel there are gaps in your knowledge and skills.  Or, you may just need a boost of confidence as you move up the corporate ladder.

Leadership coaching can give you new perspectives on personal and professional challenges, it can reinforce learning, and create a foundation for you to strengthen specific skills in your career and workplace.

How does Leadership coaching work?

Your coach will show you how to challenge your basic assumptions, leverage your strengths, and to see alternate possibilities!

Individual Coaching

85% of Canadians cite stress as their top health concern. High levels of stress can affect the heart, lungs and blood circulation, and excessive levels of stress can lead to anxiety and even mental illness if left untreated. Stress is toxic. In the work environment, lack of work/life balance, organizational change and lack of support are the top causes of workplace stress.

Through coaching, We can help you develop tools to help you develop a stress management techniques, understand why you feel the way you do, and how to modify your thoughts to help manage the pressure in different situations.

We understand how our thoughts and emotions can fuel stress.  We will work on self talk, look at setting boundaries and building resilience as well as how to rebuild your depleted resources and bring back joy into your life.

We meet one-on-one for 30 – 60 minutes, at a time of your choice, usually every two weeks, where we set goals, explore opportunities and agree on accountabilities. Using the coach-approach philosophy we look at a world full of possibilities, in the belief that we all hold our own answers within.  As your coach I  use thought provoking questions to encourage you to reflect on your challenges and create solutions which fit you and your goals.

The Third Act Program:

We are living 25 – 30 years longer than our great grandparents, the equivalent of a whole new adult lifetime. What was old age for them is now middle age for us. Unlike the transition from the first to second act, from child to adult, when it seemed like everyone had a stake in our development, when we get to the end of the second act, we are on our own. Society assumes we are retiring, checking out, when really we are just transitioning, moving on. Unaware of just how much human longevity has altered our lives, we receive little support for the kind of internal transition that needs to occur.

This ten week program can be done individually, as a couple or in small and large groups. It provides you with a safe confidential space where you are able to delve into your past to develop a new future. At present the group sessions are only offered in person in Vancouver or on Vancouver Island, however we are working to bring it online in the near future

​Third Act Coaching through couple coaching:

Coaching you and your partner to develop the retirement of your dreams. These are both individual and joint coaching sessions where you develop a future together that meets both of your needs.