As someone who prides herself on being able to manage change, being an optimist, the last few months have challenged me to remain true to my mantra that change happens. We can always learn, change can be fun and exciting.  Toward the end of last year, I decided it was time to make some major life changes.  I’ve always thought that I could manage anything life threw at me, and so the Universe decided to challenge me and see if that was true!

The beginning!

It began in September, I decided my house had to go.  Our family home, I remortgaged it to support me as a single parent to follow my kids passions, at least to see whether they had the ability and focus to realize their dreams.  Something I wasn’t able to do at their age.


I didn’t need this large house, with a large garden that I was having difficulty managing on my own.  Real Estate wasn’t flourishing; however, my house is definitely one of a kind.  I had spent the summer painting, upgrading, and getting it ready for sale.  Now timing is not my thing, I wanted to wait until I was ready, and a cold wet winter is really not the best time to sell.  I was okay with keeping it clean and letting visitors come and view when they wished.  The sales page and pictures show a large house with three floors, and lots of different spaces, great views of the mountains, and at that time trees blocking views of the sea and islands beyond.

And so it begins…

January came, no sale, so I approached my neighbours again to see if they would be willing to allow me to trim their trees so that I could once again look out at the water.  They agreed and in late February, the trees were trimmed, the house had a view.  Then COVID 19 happened. Viewings and life stopped for a couple of months.

Managing time

I filled my time making masks for friends and others, in exchange for donations to the food bank.  I found new creative projects for home, and I extended my pro bono work with humanitarian and support agencies, good work that’s important to me and my practice.  Variety is the spice of life I told myself, as I looked further for things to do.  I continued to go through ‘stuff’ and weed out things that no longer work for me – but I had nowhere to take them, the agencies that would usually be my port of call were closed for business.

Just when I’m contemplating what next.  Should I advertise for tenants or lodgers to fill up the space?  Knowing Airbnb is out with travel halted, and my coaching business although not completely devoid of clients has slowed down considerably, viewings reignited and there came a slew of visitors.

I continued to find new projects to support.  I listened to books, walked as the viewings took place, and spent lots of time in contemplation, asking myself ‘what next’?  Where do you want to go next?

And it sold

And my house sold, on the last day in June. It closes at the end of the month, I have nowhere I have to be, I am a wanderer.  I’m selling up, moving cities and will stay, for the moment, in Victoria where my younger son is until he too moves to Houston.  I’ll rent space, and see what that city can offer me.  I’m looking forward to just being, and being comfortable in the unknown.  You might say that you could never do that – but think about life without ‘stuff’, without all those ‘things’, are they really necessary for your happiness?

Books, now that’s different, and certainly where I find myself in a dilemma.  I love books.  I have many, some might say too many.  I’m culling right now, business and creative or design books I’m keeping.  My fiction collection I’m willing to really sort out – I have decided to look at each book, and go back to see how, or whether it affected me in any way.  I remember sharing a flat  and the astonishment of my flatmate that a book, or the writing in a fiction novel, could move me to tears.  These are the books I will keep!

What next?

Change is different for all of us, when I look at the top ten lists of stressful events in life  I’ve probably experienced most of them. Many like divorce, chronic illness, workplace stress, financial and death of a loved one I’ve moved through, and survived.  For me, this change brings joy, it’s right for me, now.

I’ve worked through many of the ‘challenging’ thoughts that have drifted through my mind, and I realize that somewhere in my new place I’ll wonder ‘what was I thinking?’  However I also know deep inside that this is right for me.  I may not stay where I move to next month, and that’s okay… it’s time to find a new spot for me today.  I am filled with excitement, and anticipation at what next.  So stay with me as I chronicle my transition…ask me questions, tell me your stories and offer advice if you so wish..