14 11, 2019

Who are you on Social Media?

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Recently I had the opportunity to meet a number of people I’ve only met and worked with online.  It was interesting.  If we think of people having different facets, on-line shows perhaps only 50 % of a person’s personality, like photographs it’s one sided. And so, when we meet in person, the conversation can be stilted, as we strive to be that same person that showed up on our social media account!  There are so many more facets of us, than the person on the screen. When we meet to chat on-line, we often only show a partial part of ourselves, so [...]

9 10, 2019

Growing Older – Something to Celebrate

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Society has a propensity for looking at aging as something bad, we need to start changing the focus - what if we approach aging with curiosity?  As something to be celebrated, and worth exploring? I've met and been in conversation with a number of older people, mainly women, all of a certain age and at first a similar outlook on the aging process - they don't like it.  The conversation usually starts with me asking them how they are, and they have not been afraid to tell me!  So then I ask 'what is the best thing about growing older?'  It's amazing [...]

23 09, 2019

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

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Do you ever carry stories from childhood with you?  How many times have you listened to someone tell you something negative about yourself and then adopted it, and repeated it through that inner voice in your head…. 'You eat too much, you’re not pretty, you’re not very smart, or girls aren’t good a science', etc.. I can relate, I was the 'short/fat' one in my family, my brother called me ‘tubs’, or something similar, I remember objecting and being told it was a term of affection.  In my teens, my mother told me I was fat, and for many years kept suggesting [...]

27 08, 2019

Talking about Death

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Did I make you stop? Did my headline stop you in your tracks?  Death is a funny thing, it's inevitable.  And, as someone once said, we're not getting out of here alive, however many of us find it hard to talk about.  I don't have a problem talking about my own with my kids, they already say I'm weird, so this this is another example to add to their list, but to raise it in conversation with others hmmm, that's more difficult. Why now? Recently a number of I, and friends and colleagues have been touch by death, and the discussion has [...]

7 08, 2019

Pesky Habits – Tiny Changes

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Small Changes A couple of weeks ago I posted a question on what small change can people make today to improve their health for tomorrow?  Not a major lifestyle changes like trying a new diet or embarking on yet another exercise plan, but rather one small change like eating an extra serving of vegetables at dinner, or standing up and walking around the desk for two minutes twice a day. 'Atomic Habits' James Clear in his book Atomic Habits suggests that making small changes can be effective in changing our habits.  He makes the argument for a two-minute rule, so “do thirty [...]

24 07, 2019

Summer Dreaming

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Vacation Time If you are anything like me, vacation time is not just for recharging your batteries. It is a time of deep reflection and re-defining your goals.  Better than any New Year's resolutions, my vacation time helps me put things into perspective. Epiphany I always have some sort of epiphany about my life – why have I not written that book yet? I am going to start exercising (after vacation, of course), my job is not fulfilling me. I am going to make some changes! The tyranny of the urgent But then when I return home, I get sucked right back [...]

12 07, 2019

How well do you Listen?

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  Listening & learning How well do you listen? Do you hear what others mean to say?  When I was staying with my sister earlier this year, I listened to her tell a story about our mother, and thought ‘who was that women she is talking about?’  It struck me how differently we all see and hear things.  My sister and I are a year apart, however we were quite different as kids, she loved sciences, I loved the arts.   We had the same parents, were brought up the same way, and yet how we received their messages and perhaps how they [...]

24 06, 2019

Getting out of my Comfort Zone

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How often do you try something new?  Me, not often enough and that is why over the next 12 months I’m going to do something new each month, something that pulls me out of my comfort zone.  I believe it’s good for me to try new things or go to different places.  Things that pull me out of that comfort zone that keeps me stuck, without realizing, or realizing but ignoring it!  I think it helps me grow, and in growing I am more compassionate, more empathetic to others and a much better support to those I serve. And, in putting it [...]

6 06, 2019

If you knew when you were to die, what would you do differently?

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What would you do differently? "If you knew when you were going to die, what would you do differently?"  This was the question posed to me by my friend and business partner Christine.  I've calculated if I want to live a healthy happy life and maybe die at 93, (why 93, I have no idea!) then I have approximately 10,950 days left! Next Question So the next question is, how am I living each day?  Is it filled with joy and laughter, am I doing work I love, or am I allowing stress and upset to bring me down?  Am I willing [...]

24 05, 2019

Where do you struggle?

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I’m with my friends on our Mastermind group, a group where we exchange ideas and support each other developing our business and professional lives.  We’re honest, open and sometimes have to have a hard talk.  The other day during my time, when I was chatting about the challenges in constantly looking for new clients Meghann stopped me and said: ‘You’ve got to insert more of you in what you’re writing, people have to feel connected with you and your experience through your stories!’  Laura echoed this sentiment,  both are smart ladies, gotta listen to them. Expect more So expect in the future [...]