13 02, 2020

Fear II – Losing your Memories

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In the previous blog I spoke of fear, and the impact the ‘fear effect’ can have on us, both in mind, and throughout our body. Your greatest fear: Recently I asked on a number of 50+ women’s forums; ‘What is your greatest fear in growing old?’ The two highest responses were ‘finance’ and ‘mental health’, namely Alzheimer’s disease. How many of us fear this fate, slowly losing our faculties and the memories we hold so dear. How do I know? After that response, I spoke to a couple of colleagues about this concern, as well as doing some research about what we [...]

16 01, 2020

What role does fear play in your life?

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Fear of: Not being brave, or of being timid; violence or being dismissed, ignored or laughed at.  Being seen as of little worth or not interesting to those you want to like you.  What about fear of being invisible or being alone, judged as a bad parent?  Or in your profession being considered lazy, unmotivated or too ambitious and pushy.  Do you fear change, maybe you dream of success but are afraid of what will happen if your dream comes true. Recognize yourself? Do you recognize yourself in any of the fears above?  How and where does fear play in your life?  [...]

7 01, 2020

Are you planning or dreaming this New Year?

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Happy New Year and Welcome 2020! If you are among the many of us that made resolutions this New Year, how are you feeling about them now, a few days into 2020? What are your resolutions and why are they important to you? Too many people declare that they are going to lose weight or get out of debt, yet forget to think about the plan they need to carry out these resolutions. A goal without a plan, is just a dream – now, I wish I came up with that! It is very true. Another cliche is if you fail to [...]

24 12, 2019

Christmas Traditions

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As I sit and write, Christmas tradition dictates listening to the wonderful Dylan Thomas and his “A Child’s Christmas in Wales”, not my usual version taped in a noisy pub in the early 50’s, but rather a clearer version, as in my cleaning and clearing, I seem to have misplaced my original version.   I love this story, and Dylan Thomas’s wonderful voice. ‘Years and years ago, when I was a boy, when there were wolves in Wales, and  birds the colour of red flannel petticoats whisked passed the harp shaped hills”, who else has such a wonderfully descriptive vision of a little [...]

17 12, 2019

A different blog – thank you

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This is a different blog to the one I was going to write.  I began to write about the rush to purchase gifts for all and sundry, purchases made because we need to, ‘it’s expected’.  Gifts purchased without much thought about who that person may be, what would they love, and what would really show how much you value them! Reflection Instead as I reflected, I realized this should be a piece about thanks – to everyone who has participated in my growth, and has given me a variety of experiences – good and bad.  All of which have added to where [...]

14 11, 2019

Who are you on Social Media?

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Recently I had the opportunity to meet a number of people I’ve only met and worked with online.  It was interesting.  If we think of people having different facets, on-line shows perhaps only 50 % of a person’s personality, like photographs it’s one sided. And so, when we meet in person, the conversation can be stilted, as we strive to be that same person that showed up on our social media account!  There are so many more facets of us, than the person on the screen. When we meet to chat on-line, we often only show a partial part of ourselves, so [...]

9 10, 2019

Growing Older – Something to Celebrate

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Society has a propensity for looking at aging as something bad, we need to start changing the focus - what if we approach aging with curiosity?  As something to be celebrated, and worth exploring? I've met and been in conversation with a number of older people, mainly women, all of a certain age and at first a similar outlook on the aging process - they don't like it.  The conversation usually starts with me asking them how they are, and they have not been afraid to tell me!  So then I ask 'what is the best thing about growing older?'  It's amazing [...]

23 09, 2019

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

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Do you ever carry stories from childhood with you?  How many times have you listened to someone tell you something negative about yourself and then adopted it, and repeated it through that inner voice in your head…. 'You eat too much, you’re not pretty, you’re not very smart, or girls aren’t good a science', etc.. I can relate, I was the 'short/fat' one in my family, my brother called me ‘tubs’, or something similar, I remember objecting and being told it was a term of affection.  In my teens, my mother told me I was fat, and for many years kept suggesting [...]

27 08, 2019

Talking about Death

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Did I make you stop? Did my headline stop you in your tracks?  Death is a funny thing, it's inevitable.  And, as someone once said, we're not getting out of here alive, however many of us find it hard to talk about.  I don't have a problem talking about my own with my kids, they already say I'm weird, so this this is another example to add to their list, but to raise it in conversation with others hmmm, that's more difficult. Why now? Recently a number of I, and friends and colleagues have been touch by death, and the discussion has [...]

7 08, 2019

Pesky Habits – Tiny Changes

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Small Changes A couple of weeks ago I posted a question on what small change can people make today to improve their health for tomorrow?  Not a major lifestyle changes like trying a new diet or embarking on yet another exercise plan, but rather one small change like eating an extra serving of vegetables at dinner, or standing up and walking around the desk for two minutes twice a day. 'Atomic Habits' James Clear in his book Atomic Habits suggests that making small changes can be effective in changing our habits.  He makes the argument for a two-minute rule, so “do thirty [...]