Vacation Time

If you are anything like me, vacation time is not just for recharging your batteries. It is a time of deep reflection and re-defining your goals.  Better than any New Year’s resolutions, my vacation time helps me put things into perspective.


I always have some sort of epiphany about my life – why have I not written that book yet? I am going to start exercising (after vacation, of course), my job is not fulfilling me. I am going to make some changes!

The tyranny of the urgent

But then when I return home, I get sucked right back into my crazy schedule with commitments, work, family and friends. I fall back into the old patterns that are my current life.

Those vacation dreams and goals that filled me with such passion are pushed aside, again. They come back as whispers when I am unhappy at work, or lying in bed trying to sleep as I replay the day.

Ask yourself

Ask yourself – what dreams/aspirations keep popping into my thoughts? Which of these is the strongest? What is stopping me from making that leap of faith – to a new career, new goal, moving abroad, etc. Why do I let everyone else’s priorities get in the way of what I truly want?

This vacation, listen very closely to what your mind/body is trying to tell you. Look ahead to what your life would be like if you took that leap. If you are worried about what that would cost you – think of it like this: what is it costing you to not do it?

These little whispers are trying to remind us of what our passion is, what we are meant to be and do. Are you listening?

Think – one thing

Be honest – what is the one thing you would change right now if there were no consequences or repercussions? The answer might just surprise you.


Christine McAuley is a Certified Executive Coach. Visit her website at: Contact her for a complimentary introduction session to coaching and start living your passion.