How often do you try something new?  Me, not often enough and that is why over the next 12 months I’m going to do something new each month, something that pulls me out of my comfort zone.  I believe it’s good for me to try new things or go to different places.  Things that pull me out of that comfort zone that keeps me stuck, without realizing, or realizing but ignoring it!  I think it helps me grow, and in growing I am more compassionate, more empathetic to others and a much better support to those I serve.

And, in putting it out there for others, I immediately become accountable and, for me, that’s also a driver.  My ego won’t let me admit I failed!  (Sometimes ego can be good).  It’s already the end of June, my birthday month, and rather than begin in January, I decided to look at my goals now and set intentions for the next twelve months so that when my birthday rolls around I can add a second celebration to the event! This is the first of those goals.


I know family and friends probably will come up with a lot of suggestions, and no I’m not willing to swim with sharks, or nose dive off a mountain, more little things that we avoid, because…. Because we’re afraid of looking stupid, we’re afraid of falling flat on our faces, of many things that crowd out our mind and stop us before we’ve even begun.

#1 – Podcast

In the month of July, I’ve been invited to be part of a podcast hosted by a new friend Ben Tapper, who owns the Podcast Invisible Truths

We’ll chat about my thoughts on bias, conscious and unconscious, of which I spoke about recently at the International ACTO conference (Association of Coach Training Organizations).  I’d been asked to speak because of the work I’ve done in Indigenous organizations, and in doing my research I immediately became fascinated by the topic.  I allowed myself the luxury of diving into it, continuing to do so now, even though the conference is over.  What is unconscious or implicit bias and how does it affect our interactions with others?

I’ve never done a podcast before, but am fascinated by them and listen to many.  They remind me of a childhood listening to the BBC World Service on the radio and the stories read weekly, often leading me as a teen to new authors, whose books I would then devour.

How did we connect?

Ben and I connected through The Joy Revolution™ ( a five-month course that recognizes how integrating joy into our professional and personal lives, can be a movement toward positive social change, rather than using anger to fuel us.  Ben, has a unique background and works to support others on their healing journey, we connected through Melanie Klein who through her Partner Marc Cordon lead Joy Revolution™.  Melanie connected the dots between my thoughts on bias, stereotyping and working toward commonalities, and Ben’s work in healing those who have been wounded in/by life often through as he calls it ‘invisible truths’.  I’ve never been on a podcast before and so this is the first of a year of new experiences!

What about you?

These days, I am a habitual learner, I love attending classes, listening to new ideas and learning new things.  But, I wasn’t always that way.  For a long time I lived out of sight.  My role in my NGO kept me in the local

limelight, but I was wearing the emperors clothes, it was the role people saw, not the person underneath.  I kept it that way and I was okay with that.  But then, after a number of incidents where I felt shamed, disrespected and not heard, I made a choice that I would speak up, for my own mental health I needed to do so, and it wasn’t easy.  I remember the first few times, the challenge of speaking out, never shaming others but really pushing back in my own way was incredibly difficult.  I kept at it and even though I could see it confused and even angered others, it gave me inner strength and empowered me to go on…..learning keeps me mentally agile, and perpetually curious. So, what are you doing either professionally or personally that supports your growth?

My Challenge

So, my challenge to you is in the next few weeks, think of something that you would love to do, have wanted to do and figure out how to go about it.  If you need help send me a message and we can talk!  Learning new things, growing in ourselves helps us in so many ways both mentally and emotionally, so go.. do something outside your comfort zone and let me know how you do!