Changes are happening day by day in these challenging times.  How are you doing?  Me, I have had a couple of days where I had slight meltdowns, panic as clients pull out of contracts, worried about their financial health, or feeling that they just aren’t able to focus on issues on hand.

A different Time

This is the time when true character shows, or so they say.  Me, I know that I need to feel I’m helping, doing something that supports others.  So, when panic, fear came on me I was wondering what to do when Christine asked if I was able to make fabric masks for herself and her husband.  Yeah, a task that not only could I do, but something I could get lost in.  Other friends saw them and asked if they could have one or two…  and so, I began production asking that they give a donation to the foodbank rather than pay me.  I am doing something useful, and that I enjoy, sewing.  And I had something actionable to work on, besides writing, brooding and feeling angry or pity depending on the moment.

How are you doing?

How about you, how do you cope with uncertainty?  What habits or actions do you have that you use to help yourself during a crisis, whether today or at another time?  Sometimes if you don’t know what to do, or feel helpless it sounds strange, but go to what brings you joy.  What gives you peace, maybe it’s running or some art/craft, and if you can’t think of anything today, what about many years ago, when you were a teen, what did you love doing?

I am making it a habit of structuring my day – each morning sitting down and writing down what I want/have to do:  Todays list goes like this:  meditate; edit blog; make three masks; text Christine; text Jxxx; work on free opt-in for newsletter; talk with Txxx about focus of coaching; Paint; Walk; Eat; smile!

Here’s a list of things to do:

  • Painting – whether outside, a piece of fruit or abstract, try it!
  • Cook – Go around the world with a recipe a day
  • Yoga – challenge yourself to do a yoga class each day, Lululemon have online classes:;en-CA-JSON;community;events;online-community-resources
  • Host a virtual coffee morning – you don’t need a special platform, WhatApp/Messenger can manage group chats
  • Visit a museum or Art Gallery on-line – google Museum tours
  • Reread all those books you’ve kept for ‘when I have time’
  • The Winchester Mystery House tour:
  • Listen to Paris Opera = or the Metropolitan Opera
  • Kiro News in the US has a list of Musical events that can be enjoyed virtually:
  • Write a journal of your time now: This could be a historical treasure for children and grandchildren down the road.  Let them know what’s happening with you now..
  • Pick up the art of writing letters. Think how wonderful it would be for others to receive your good wishes in this way
  • Clean out your closet
  • Learn a new skill – there’s loads of YouTube videos out there, have fun
  • Make a new playlist, and have a dance party at home
  • Ever wanted to write a novel – take out that pen and paper
  • Look around your house – are there things that need fixing, now’s the time!
  • And last, go for a walk, if possible in nature – this is a time to stay healthy and walking is great for that, you can nod and speak to neighbours from across the road, just the action of walking outside is great for your mental health
  • Finally if you feel lost, depressed or worse. Pick up the phone, call a family member, a friend or you local health care provider.  Don’t hesitate

There are loads of other things to do online:  Just google, things to do while quarantined.  On Sunday a group of my friends met for a virtual coffee morning, it was fun, chaotic and loud.  We’ve agreed to do it again, in the evening next time, wine time!

What Matters?

This virus brings us all back to what matters to us, individually and collectively as a community.  I have many books, some I’ve always meant to read again and, if as the scientific community suggests, this virus is with us for a while, maybe I’ll have time to do so now.  I even tried my hand baking brownies today, I am not a baker as my kids will tell you, and I forgot the nuts, but added some chocolate a friend left for me, so they became double chocolate!

Feeling fear – it’s okay

It’s okay to feel scared or out of sorts with the situation, know that you’re not alone, we’re all in it, however it’s important to be able to reach out to others if you’re feeling down.  Find one person to talk with.   It’s ironic I work from home, and often don’t talk with anyone, or only a few people each day.  It’s how my business works, and yet I have found it more difficult in the last week to focus. On my walk yesterday I thought about this and realized it’s because normally whether I meet with others, or go outside. It’s my choice, now that choice has been taken away, not by others but by something that I have no control over and cannot do anything about.  The choice to stay or go is no longer mine to make!

My Schedule

I’m putting together a different schedule, one that takes more breaks than I’m perhaps used to, but puts my well-being and mental health at the forefront.  I’m waking up on time, making my tea and contemplating my day.  It’s still too cold to go outside onto the deck, but I’m thinking about it.  I meditate, maybe make breakfast – often I wait until later in the day, but right now, I ask myself: what do I feel like?

Then I get to work, still meeting with a few clients, taking breaks, making masks or playing with fabric, getting my ironing done! Then back to work, go for a walk, meeting at a safe distance, neighbours and others I normally don’t see regularly.  Making lunch/brunch and back at my desk, or in my studio these days where I’m most comfortable.   I’m not watching Netflix, or other stuff during the day, I’m being cautious with my time, ensuring I am moving forward, really particular about reading or watching too much TV/videos.  I’ve picked my news sources and am sticking with them, avoiding all the other chatter about the virus, trying to keep the noise down.

Stay Strong, Stay safe:

Stay strong, stay safe – call someone you love and tell them so.  If you would like to talk with us about coaching through this, contact us for a complimentary