Who are you on Social Media?

Recently I had the opportunity to meet a number of people I’ve only met and worked with online.  It was interesting.  If we think of people having different facets, on-line shows perhaps only 50 % of a person’s personality, like photographs it’s one sided. And so, when we meet in person, the conversation can be stilted, as we strive to be that same person that showed up on our social media account!  There are so many more facets of us, than the person on the screen. When we meet to chat on-line, we often only show a partial part of ourselves, so [...]

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Growing Older – Something to Celebrate

Society has a propensity for looking at aging as something bad, we need to start changing the focus - what if we approach aging with curiosity?  As something to be celebrated, and worth exploring? I've met and been in conversation with a number of older people, mainly women, all of a certain age and at first a similar outlook on the aging process - they don't like it.  The conversation usually starts with me asking them how they are, and they have not been afraid to tell me!  So then I ask 'what is the best thing about growing older?'  It's amazing [...]

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The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Do you ever carry stories from childhood with you?  How many times have you listened to someone tell you something negative about yourself and then adopted it, and repeated it through that inner voice in your head…. 'You eat too much, you’re not pretty, you’re not very smart, or girls aren’t good a science', etc.. I can relate, I was the 'short/fat' one in my family, my brother called me ‘tubs’, or something similar, I remember objecting and being told it was a term of affection.  In my teens, my mother told me I was fat, and for many years kept suggesting [...]

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