Fear II – Losing your Memories

In the previous blog I spoke of fear, and the impact the ‘fear effect’ can have on us, both in mind, and throughout our body. Your greatest fear: Recently I asked on a number of 50+ women’s forums; ‘What is your greatest fear in growing old?’ The two highest responses were ‘finance’ and ‘mental health’, namely Alzheimer’s disease. How many of us fear this fate, slowly losing our faculties and the memories we hold so dear. How do I know? After that response, I spoke to a couple of colleagues about this concern, as well as doing some research about what we [...]

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What role does fear play in your life?

Fear of: Not being brave, or of being timid; violence or being dismissed, ignored or laughed at.  Being seen as of little worth or not interesting to those you want to like you.  What about fear of being invisible or being alone, judged as a bad parent?  Or in your profession being considered lazy, unmotivated or too ambitious and pushy.  Do you fear change, maybe you dream of success but are afraid of what will happen if your dream comes true. Recognize yourself? Do you recognize yourself in any of the fears above?  How and where does fear play in your life?  [...]

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