What role does fear play in your life?

Fear of: Not being brave, or of being timid; violence or being dismissed, ignored or laughed at.  Being seen as of little worth or not interesting to those you want to like you.  What about fear of being invisible or being alone, judged as a bad parent?  Or in your profession being considered lazy, unmotivated or too ambitious and pushy.  Do you fear change, maybe you dream of success but are afraid of what will happen if your dream comes true. Recognize yourself? Do you recognize yourself in any of the fears above?  How and where does fear play in your life?  [...]

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How well do you Listen?

  Listening & learning How well do you listen? Do you hear what others mean to say?  When I was staying with my sister earlier this year, I listened to her tell a story about our mother, and thought ‘who was that women she is talking about?’  It struck me how differently we all see and hear things.  My sister and I are a year apart, however we were quite different as kids, she loved sciences, I loved the arts.   We had the same parents, were brought up the same way, and yet how we received their messages and perhaps how they [...]

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Where do you struggle?

I’m with my friends on our Mastermind group, a group where we exchange ideas and support each other developing our business and professional lives.  We’re honest, open and sometimes have to have a hard talk.  The other day during my time, when I was chatting about the challenges in constantly looking for new clients Meghann stopped me and said: ‘You’ve got to insert more of you in what you’re writing, people have to feel connected with you and your experience through your stories!’  Laura echoed this sentiment,  both are smart ladies, gotta listen to them. Expect more So expect in the future [...]

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What to do with Worry & Anxiety

    The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future, or not to anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly. ~ Buddha      “That was great for Buddha, he didn’t live today, when life is running at a breakneck pace and if I don’t anticipate and worry about tomorrow I won’t be successful!”  How many times have you said that or something similar? How much time do you spend worrying?  I remember a time when worrying was a daily habit!  Yep I [...]

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Work Life Balance

Life Balance We're inundated with the myth that we should be striving for a work/life balance, I believe we've got it wrong, we should be striving for a balanced life.  Forget whether it's work, family, personal or anything else, what we're looking for is to feel good about how we manage the different parts of our lives on a day to day or week by week basis. Joshua Lee, the founder of LF Media, Inc., once wrote for Fast Company: “I don’t believe you have work-life balance: You have a life balance, where everything you do complements your life’s work. My family is [...]

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