Friends for many years

Christine and Maeve have worked in various for-profit and non-profit organizations as owners, employees and volunteers.  We even worked together when Christine was a board member and then Chair, and Maeve the CEO of their local Hospital Foundation.

We had talked and dreamed of working together in a business.  We have gone through a number of changes both in our personal and professional lives and supported each other through these times.  Through our work as coaches we know that there is a need to support others through change,  whether it is stress or burnout (Oh yes we know about that!)  which takes such a toll on our physical, mental and emotional health, or change through a major incident in life, divorce, loss of job, moving to another job or position and even the transition of children from home.   Sometimes we make changes and then second guess ourselves, other times we have had change forced on us.  These are times when we look to others for support.

So we decided to go for it!

Christine’s experience is concentrated in small business and the challenges they face.  Her own experience as a business owner and entrepreneur gives her great insight into the everyday challenges small business owners face.  Her strength in systems and processes has been welcomed with open arms by her clients.

Maeve’s strengths lay with the non-profit and social sector, as well as entrepreneurs.  As someone who has run her own business as well as a medium size non-profit, she is well versed in time management and self care.  She has a good background in HR and often provides workshops around bullying and harassment in small organizations.

Our clients have a wide variety of experience to draw on, from stress and burnout, to succession planning and starting a business as a entrepreneur.  From reviewing career plans, to moving up the career ladder and then transitioning to a Third Act, both of us have been there!

  Everyone needs a coach – they just don’t know it yet!

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