This is a different blog to the one I was going to write.  I began to write about the rush to purchase gifts for all and sundry, purchases made because we need to, ‘it’s expected’.  Gifts purchased without much thought about who that person may be, what would they love, and what would really show how much you value them!


Instead as I reflected, I realized this should be a piece about thanks – to everyone who has participated in my growth, and has given me a variety of experiences – good and bad.  All of which have added to where I am today, a different Maeve from the person who began the year!

I’ve realized that I don’t want a multi-million dollar business, rather I want to work one-on-one

with individuals supporting them through change to discover their ‘best’ selves. To challenge them in their journey to leadership, entrepreneurship or life after full time work!   I love the energy that comes from small groups working together, and the research and discovery of presenting topics that are important to me!

These are things that matter to me and I hope make a difference in the world.  Whether I’m ignored or insulted (as recently happened), I’ve learned to let go, something I wouldn’t have done a few years ago.  I want to help others do the same. Everyone I’ve interacted with has helped me grow, and become better at reflection and letting go.  Now, it’s the accomplishment that comes from seeing others meet their goals that gives me the joy and confidence to grow, letting people know I’m here.

Thank you

So thank you everyone who has been a part of my life this year, and indeed in the past couple of years since I once again became an entrepreneur a few years ago.  Whether a friend, colleague, client or friendemy (my new word), Thank You.  You have challenged me to think, rethink, to grow, to reflect and work things out, to learn, ask for help and so much more.

A new decade

It’s a new decade and I’m letting go of a lot of stuff, both tangible and intangible, I am selling my home, where my kids grew up.  I struggled at the beginning of this year with this change, I worked through it and am now content, it is the right time.  My life will change, where I will end up is undecided, travel is definite, and I feel lighter already!

I look forward to 2020, welcoming new friends and clients, I know how much I can manage and what I want to do.  I will continue to work in areas I believe are important to this World of ours, and I want to do more.  What and where has yet to be decided.  My door is always open to others, I listen well and believe that by doing so if I can help someone then I am doing something important.

Your hopes?

Looking to this new decade, what are your hopes?  Where are you going and what do you want to look back on in 2030?  How can you make your dreams happen?

Think of me

If you want support, think of me?  Think of me, even if you don’t want my help, hopefully my story can inspire to you toward change!