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Struggling with change, or fears about what next?
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 At Cohesive Concepts we believe you are are fully capable of finding those answers you’re searching for.
We believe in listening with our whole being, allowing space for you to explore, dig deep and find those answers.

Everyone needs a coach – they just don’t know it yet!

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Every Leader Deserves a Coach

Business coaching for leaders is the key to accelerating success. A coach that supports and challenges you to step outside of your comfort zone. Someone who holds you accountable and inspires you to stretch further. Invest in yourself, talk to us today and accelerate your success.


Individual Coaching

Stress is toxic!

85% of Canadians cite stress as
their top health concern.
Looking to manage your stress?
Need help making changes?
Contact us to support your move
to a more balanced life.


Third Act Program

10 Week Program

We are living 25 – 30 years longer
than our great grandparents, the
traditional idea of retirement
has been flipped on its head.
‘We’re not retiring, we’re rewiring’
(Gillian Leithman)
Develop the retirement of your dreams.

I was introduced to Christine a few months ago, and I am so thankful.  I wanted to change some perceptions in my workplace, and she helped me discover real solutions, and guided me through weekly exercises that were challenging and very rewarding.  I gained a new insight into myself, which helps me work through new challenges as they come up. She is extremely valuable to me in terms of encouraging me to accomplish my goals, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is anxious about some aspect in their life.
Tara Moosburger
Maeve is a great coach who creates a very warm, caring environment. However, she is not afraid to challenge a person or create awareness when required. I would highly recommend Maeve as a coach as I thoroughly enjoyed each of my sessions with her.
Diane, Vernon, BC
It has been a great experience having Christine as an executive coach. With her exceptional communication skills, she kept me on track, focused and committed to my vision and plan for developing my career. I wouldn’t hesitate to use her services in the future and indeed, am hoping to continue to meet with her regularly, so as to stay on track!
Carly Mann
Working with Maeve was an excellent investment of time and resources - though two years have passed, I often return to the professional insights and resources she shared with me. Our work together brought clarity to specific challenges and helped me hone strategies and set actionable goals during a time of transition. I recommend Maeve to colleagues working in arts and culture, and in other sectors who could benefit from her rich expertise and thoughtful approach. ​
Julie, Nanaimo, BC
Christine brings passion and caring to another level when she shows up FULLY present to coach me. She has an incredible ability to force you , in a very comfortable and trusting way, to dig deep and uncover things that eventually become such an important piece to getting you to a desired solution. Christine is such a lovely individual and you just want to share everything you can with her as you can “feel” the desire from her to help you out the best way she can. Her trust , integrity and contagious smile have made our coaching sessions a joy to participate in. I would recommend Christine to anybody looking for that ideal coach to get them to another level in their lives. She is a awesome!
Alex Elson
Thanks to Maeve, I've been able to embrace the fact that I'm a multi-passionate person without using that as an excuse to paralyze me from acting. Let me make it real: now when new ideas pop up and I'm so tempted to just jump into an internet black hole, I take a step back and place that thought in "the greenhouse" where it can blossom and grow. I (try to) keep my eyes on the prize (that one thing I most want/need to get done) while working from a place of rest. Maeve, you are a gift to the world. This is marvelous!
Rukesh S., California, USA
In the 5 years that I have been running my fast growing floor plan measuring business, it never would have dawned on me that using a “coaching” service like the one Christine McAuley provides, amazingly I might add, would be of any assistance to me.  I’m sure I am not the only entrepreneur that has been caught in the lonely, stressful, overwhelming tornado of your business sucking the life right out of you. This is an amazing service for both struggling and successful, new or established business owners that you don’t even know that you need.  I have been working with Christine for the last 6 months with my company, personal life, self care needs have completely full circled to the positive. She has helped me work through HR struggles, work/play balancing, new ideas for the business, the list goes on. Christine brings such a positive, professional, comforting, encouraging energy to every meeting and each time our sessions end, I’m looking forward to the next one.
Erin Rowe, Owner, Proper Measure Mid Island
Maeve is a skillful coach who will quickly partner with you to achieve your goals. She is a pleasure to work with while also holding you accountable to take clear action in your life. In short, she's a kind and generous change agent.
Corey S., USA
I remember our first was the day that the "change" began. Meeting Christine was easy...she is kind, enthusiastic, and supportive. Christine's approach to coaching has a very natural feel to it.
Maeve is a warm and welcoming coach who masterfully balances support and challenge in her process. She is a great listener and uses her intuition to advance and deepen the work. Thank you!
Laura B., Mexico
First Christine found out what makes me tick, my values, my hopes, my dreams, and my stumbling blocks. Then she found out where I would like to be. And the road building began! Her big , life changing question: "What is stopping you?", really opened up a previously welded shut door for me.
Maeve inspired me in many ways including: building a values-based business, creative marketing techniques, and continuously improving myself as a Coach.
Maeve O'Byrne was a great coach, I went in not knowing what to expect having never had anything like coaching before. She took the time to understand the project I was working on and my specific role within it. She then supported me to address my relationship with my work here, which is something I was struggling to do alone. Not only did this enable me to improve my work but also to reflect more often on myself. Maeve was happy to talk about more personal issues that I realized were lying below the surface, and helped me to put them to rest. I found the entire few months a very reflective and helpful period, which was definitely fueled by these sessions and much needed.
RBD, Copenhagen
She holds me accountable in an encouraging way.  She is very good at making me set timelines and dates for me to achieve my goals.
FW, Nanaimo, BC
Maeve asked me questions that have stopped me in my tracks.  You could hear some of her courage in asking those questions.  I have a clearer sense in how to move in the direction we've (my partner) have been talking about for  long time.
DK, Victoria, BC